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Desiccant Global was originally established in 1958 as a Food desiccant company in the world. By 1988 we became well aware that our customers' food needed a better way to be protected against the damaging effects and high costs of excessive moisture.

The company began a global search for a better desiccant, and quite surprisingly, the raw material was located almost at our back door. Found only in USA, the primary ingredient in our products is Attapulgite Clay.

Extensive testing revealed the effectiveness of the clay as unsurpassed. Our desiccant picks up more moisture from the air and for longer, than any other desiccant available. As much as 80% of it's own weight !

Today,Desiccant Global Products are used around the world by leading shippers, manufacturers and retailers. We are very proud of their confidence in having their foods arrive in the best possible condition at an affordable price.

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